LIS’s End to End General Trade (GT) solution aims at creating spaces in store that are loved by both consumers and customers. We not only maintain the visibility of your product but take full ownership of your store loyalty program. We take care of your store enrolment & verification, manpower hiring, training, deployment, & management, developing and setting up technology in-house, store visibility execution, photo and data audits, daily and weekly reports, monthly full analysis, direct to account pay-outs, and customer engagement.

Our hierarchical team structure with supervisors, zonal and national managers ensures that your program runs smoothly and guarantees success. Our field merchandisers are experienced and fully trained to deliver best-in-class results. With our state of the art technology, we ensure that the merchandisers are in the field on time, and your products are in stock, on the shelf, rightly merchandised, and leave an impact on the consumer at the point of sale.

LIS’s End to End General Trade (GT) solution also ensures that you weed out the non-performing stores by doing daily audits and creating daily store score cards and monthly analysis of the program.

Our service also makes sure that fake stores with dubious information are removed from the database by doing a two-step KYC verification of each store. This helps in creating the right database of customers. This also allows us to transfer incentives to the stores directly in their bank accounts.


  • 1. Complete ownership of sourcing, training, deploying, and managing the field force.
  • 2. Hierarchical team structures with exclusive supervisors, zonal & national managers.
  • 3. Live tracking of field force through an in-house developed mobile application (attendance, leaves, and check-in/out time).
  • 4. Tracking of store execution (visibility, on-shelf availability, POSM deployment, stock availability, etc.)
  • 5. Tracking competition execution and various promotional activities.
  • 6. Daily audit reports and monthly analysis of the program.
  • 7. Creation of daily store score cards to replace/remove non-performing stores.
  • 8. KYC & two-step verification of stores.
  • 9. Direct to account pay-out transfers.
  • 10. Increased engagement with stores by WhatsApp chatbots and one-click web applications.