Eliminating pilferage and ensuing transparency is a tiresome yet, pivotal task when it comes to distributing field force incentives, visibility pay-outs, and channel partner pay-outs especially in the FMCG landscape. Many times, money does not reach the beneficiary at the right time or is not the right amount. LIS’s PAY and ENGAGE service is a unique yet effective solution for this problem.

By doing two-step authenticated KYC and verification, we eliminate the risk of ghost salesmen and stores. By disbursing incentives directly into the bank accounts of the individual, we eliminate the risk of pilferage. And by providing one-click no-login web application to download and track past pay-outs and download invoices, we ensure transparency and build trust. Our sophisticated WhatsApp chatbot takes communication one step further by making incentive enquiries, invoice downloads, and ticket raising super convenient. Our end-to-end service is a complete solution to make the process of incentive and pay-out disbursal easy, direct, and transparent.


Enrolling stores and salesmen through our in-house developed application

Back-end tele-verification and Rs. 1 transaction to audit and verify KYC information

Disbursing incentives/pay-outs directly into the bank account of stores and salesmen

One-click web application and WhatsApp chatbot to  download invoice and track pay-outs



Sub-Stockists/Stockists in the ecosystem


DSRs in the ecosystem


Retailers in the ecosystem


Transactions done annually


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Stores using our PWA